Differences are many among us.
We rarely agree on the same thing.
They say we’re like fire and ice.
But don’t they perish together?

You would rather watch a movie when I’d like to read a book.
You look for adventures outside but I lock myself in my room.
You are popular among everyone, well… i never will be.
You have so many friends, I only have you.

Everyone wonders how do we get along.
Maybe it’s because you talk and I listen.
We don’t understand each other sometimes.
But our efforts make this bond stronger.

So what if we aren’t compatible.
We will find a way.
And I’ll always be there for you.

Published by May

The boring introverted girl

8 thoughts on “Differences

  1. It is the differences that brings out the specialness in things… having read a book, I would rather read a different kind, than read the same kind right after… when I meet twins, I can see they look alike… but what I want to know, us what makes them different…

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