It’s been a month,
Since I went to the party.
Since I last saw him,
~Why is he still on my mind~

I had no reason to be there,
It wasn’t my friend group.
Didn’t talk much to anyone,
~Wanted to get it over as soon as it could~

While he was the life of the party,
Got along with everyone,
Made everyone laugh n smile,
~Why do I care about him~

We didn’t talk much,
Just a formal conversation.
Which was pretty awkward and lame,
~We’d never talk again~

When I came home,
I finally got some alone time,
And the last thing I expected,
~A text from him~

I didn’t know what he wanted,
It was all in the past.
The confession, the truth,
~So now what?~

The chat started casually,
Probably just a one-time thing.
He messaged the next day,
~Why? Why? Why?~

Gave me friendly vibes,
Sent me deep thoughts.
Shared secrets with me,
~Should I be glad? Is it too weird?~

It was all overwhelming,
But as confused as I was,
It felt good to talk with him,
~A nice change for a while~

I opened up a little,
Shared my favorite songs with him.
Never thought it would happen,
~I kinda fell for him~

After two weeks,
It felt like he lost interest.
Seemed too busy,
~Did he ignore me?~

Now he has left me on seen,
I’ve been waiting a week or so,
I guess he won’t text me now
~And I’m left broken again~

Every now and then,
I think about him.
I know it wasn’t meant to be,
~Because love is very rare~

I just wonder that
Did I say something wrong?
Was it my fault?
Did he ever care?

If you wish to read it with another perspective click here.

Published by May

The boring introverted girl

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