It’s been 12 years,
We were together since kindergarten.
Then why did I never talk to her,
~ Until that day ~

I met her at the party,
I didn’t expect her coming.
She looked so pretty,
~ What was happening? ~

I acted cool,
Pretending to enjoy.
While she stood there alone.
~ How could I leave her there? ~

I remember the day,
She said she liked me.
I didn’t feel the same way,
~ Why am I so dumb? ~

I tried talking to her,
But she was lost in her thoughts.
Maybe she got over me,
~ And here I am pondering over the past ~

Hey, Umm, How are you..
I texted her at night.
Didn’t expect a reply.
~ Should I not have done this? ~

We talked and talked,
I shared my feelings,
My vulnerable and soft side,
~ I was an open book ~

I wished to be her friend,
Or even more,
She didn’t seem eager,
~ Did I go too far? ~

She always talked on the surface,
I desired to dig deeper.
I guess she wasn’t ready yet.
~ Now I’m filled with regret ~

I was lost and puzzled.
What would I do next?
All she did was share some songs,
~ Did I do something wrong? ~

After two weeks,
I liked her message.
Leaving it on seen,
~ Was I too mean? ~

I did my best.
Now I need some space,
I don’t think I can text her again.
~ Why do I feel this pain? ~

Every now and then,
I think about her.
I know love is rare,
~ But I did care ~

I need courage to tell her,
Sorry, If I broke your heart, I’m broken too.
Sorry, I never meant for this to happen.
Sorry, for leaving our story incomplete.

Thanks for reading. ❤
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The boring introverted girl

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