My stubborn annoying devil,
You were stuck with me,
Since the second our life began.

I’ve hated sharing my life with you,
From toys to friends,
What was mine was yours.

We fought so often,
Blaming each other for no reason,
Destroying all the good memories.

Others believed that we cared,
While we knew that it was hatred,
Was it really hatred?

In my mind I pictured,
You as cold-hearted demon,
Sent to shatter my world.

What happened to us,
The special bond we had as kids,
Isn’t alive anymore.

You remind me every single day,
That you wish I was never here,
For I am your only problem.

We are still stuck,

Published by May

The boring introverted girl

13 thoughts on “Devil

  1. The devil is a figment of the imagination… and how imagination is ours to do with as we will… but your Devil’s presence is outside of your mind, and outside of your absolute control… only the thoughts you arbor for this Devil are in your mind, to do with as you will…

    Why use your imagination to create a devil in your mind? Would that not make your mind… Hell!!

    Nothing would irk the Devil more, or give you greater satisfaction, than to mentally preform a metamorphosis of the Devil… into an Angel… it is your mind… to do with as you will…

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