The Blame Game

Blame the government
They always make the bad decisions

Blame the citizens
They never support a countries resolutions

Blame the boss
He too domineering and uptight

Blame the servants
They can never do anything right

Blame the system
It is somehow always wrong

Blame the players
They dont stay patient too long

Blame the rich
They have too much resources

Blame the poor
They take up too much space

Blame the progressive
They are way ahead of time than necessary

Blame the undeveloped
The drag the world down disgracefully

Blame polluting industries
They’ve ruined the planet

Blame the technology
It gives less than what it takes

Blame the parents
They don’t understand their kids

Blame the children
They don’t know their parents good deeds

Blame everyone else
They are all a burden for you

Blame yourself
You’ve annoyed all the people you knew

Blame God
He didn’t give us enough

Blame humans
They are too greedy for more stuff

Blame life
It’s too short to enjoy

Blame death
It’s too soon to say good bye

Blame love
For it brings grief eventually

Blame hate
It causes distress in the society

We’ve played this for thousands of years
Every single one of us.

But now, I’m done watching.
For this game isnt worth playing.

Published by May

The boring introverted girl

5 thoughts on “The Blame Game

      1. And i couldnt edit what i wrote. SO yeah..😅 To be honest, we blame a lot. Blaming is an easy game to play. That is why everybody including perhaps here, we tend to play it!
        I was quite happy that you included more than just politcians. It is worth saying that this could be a definable attribute in each one of us.

        Liked by 1 person

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