Heard from you after a long time…


How are you?

Hanging on to life(trying atleast).

Having a bad time?

Hard to explain as no one understands,
Have been going crazy..
Hearing whispers,
Humming sounds.
His voice everywhere,
Hey, I love you,
Honey, I miss you
However I know that,
He isn’t there.
Hallucinations are killing me,
Horrifying nightmares,
Haunting my mind.
Have I lost it? Now I only,
Hold one wish,
Hoping he’ll come back
Hating myself for making him go away.

Hush, it wasn’t your fault.
Hapless accident took him away,
His soul may rest in peace.
He’d never want you to be so miserable.
Hurting is tough but,
Healing will take place with time.

How would you understand.
How would anyone understand.
He was my everything,
Had given my heart to him.
Here I am now,

Published by May

The boring introverted girl

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