Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey, this is the sunshine blogger award🌞. I’d like to thank Jan and Maria for nominating me🤗. Jan writes beautiful poems that teach a lot about life… And has inspired me😊. You should definitely read her blog! And Maria shares lovely thoughts which make you smile😄. Check it out! Sorry for answering the questions inContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Single Line story challenge

Thank you @duodisseminators for nominating me🥰. They share amazing stories and interesting poems. I love their blog….check it out! This is my first blogging challenge and I was so excited to do it! I tried my best. Hope you like it.💕 Rules Thank the person who nominated you. Write 5 single line stories that fallContinue reading “Single Line story challenge”

Don’t read this because It’s bad

I apologize,If you feel offended,I know I’ve told this a lot,Yet I’ll repeat it over and over.Honestly, It’s not your fault,It’s just the way I am,Please believe me.This has turned into a routine,Over the years I’ve found the pattern,My habit I never knew about.Whether you agree or not,It’s the truth.And again,It’s not you it’s me.I’veContinue reading “Don’t read this because It’s bad”


Hi! Hello. Heard from you after a long time… Hmm.. How are you? Hanging on to life(trying atleast). Having a bad time? Hard to explain as no one understands,Have been going crazy..Hearing whispers,Humming sounds.His voice everywhere,Hey, I love you,Honey, I miss you.However I know that,He isn’t there.Hallucinations are killing me,Horrifying nightmares,Haunting my mind.Have I lostContinue reading “Heavy”

The Blame Game

Blame the governmentThey always make the bad decisions Blame the citizensThey never support a countries resolutions Blame the bossHe too domineering and uptight Blame the servantsThey can never do anything right Blame the systemIt is somehow always wrong Blame the playersThey dont stay patient too long Blame the richThey have too much resources Blame theContinue reading “The Blame Game”

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