Reality to Fantasy

Troubled,Exhausted,Anxious,Lost. Solving mysteries,Finding love,Dreaming big,Sinking deep. Same old routine,Always getting bored,Just pushing through,Yet drifting away, Welcome back my dear,Where to sail next,The Isles of Curiosity,Or the Daydreaming Mainland? Overthinking every word I write,Meanwhile assignments keep multiplying,I’m still stuck on deadlines,Mind is pulling me aside. What’s a few minutes ~hours~ wastedLet’s read the book you bought,MaybeContinue reading “Reality to Fantasy”

I Would

Hey!! This a guest post by Kunjal (kind of a collab too?🤔) Anyways, Duo Disseminators are so sweet and amazing bloggers…Do check out their blog. Kunjal replied to my post Would you?You might wanna read it first.Thanks again💕 You give me one wish,or a dare in friendship,to change anything about you with a swishIt willContinue reading “I Would”

Would you?

If I gave you one wish,To change anything about me,Would you accept it,Or slap some sense in me? If I cried all night,For no reason whatsoever,Would you leave me alone,Or do your best to make me smile? If I was going to leave you,To make your life better,Would you be happy,Or hold me tightly inContinue reading “Would you?”

Fantasy to Reality

I grew up in a magical place,With Barbie and Disney,Where they all lived happily ever after,And life was pretty easy. It was safe and happier,And it’s where I wanted to be,All things picture perfect,Just a lovely fantasy. Hence, I lived in my shell for a long time,Unknown to the real world,I wish I could’ve stayedContinue reading “Fantasy to Reality”


Hi! Hello. Heard from you after a long time… Hmm.. How are you? Hanging on to life(trying atleast). Having a bad time? Hard to explain as no one understands,Have been going crazy..Hearing whispers,Humming sounds.His voice everywhere,Hey, I love you,Honey, I miss you.However I know that,He isn’t there.Hallucinations are killing me,Horrifying nightmares,Haunting my mind.Have I lostContinue reading “Heavy”

The Blame Game

Blame the governmentThey always make the bad decisions Blame the citizensThey never support a countries resolutions Blame the bossHe too domineering and uptight Blame the servantsThey can never do anything right Blame the systemIt is somehow always wrong Blame the playersThey dont stay patient too long Blame the richThey have too much resources Blame theContinue reading “The Blame Game”

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