Who Am I

Hey, I am May, an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. I am writing this blog to share my thoughts with everyone, hoping to find the real me on this journey.

I’m a typical introvert…. maybe.

Would prefer being alone or hanging out only with a few close people. I open up more on a chat than calls or meets. Don’t like going to parties. I just don’t know how to talk to others or what to talk about (also because I’m EXTREMELY shy😅).

I love listening music! I can listen to it all day. I don’t have any special talents or hobbies. So I think that I’m a pretty boring person. On the outside I may seem like a silent studious kid. But my friends would’t agree. They know the real(or not) crazy me. They always complain about me. Apparently I trouble them a lot.🤣

I am not gonna use fancy words(I don’t know a lot 😬).I will keep it simple and hope that you will relate to my thoughts… maybe find yourself too.

Please suggest any improvements as I’m a newbie at writing.😅

Who am I? Who is the real me? I don’t know. I guess we will find out.

29 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. The caterpillar didn’t know it would become a butterfly… the ugly duckling didn’t know it would become a swan… you are no doubt in your pupa stage… a chrysalis spinning your silken covering… but when you break out… you’ll become… aahhh… but why spoil the magic of that precious moment… when you will finally see yourself for whom you really are… whom you always were…

    No one is ordinary…

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  2. moribascorner has used beautiful imagery to express personal growth. I, however, will sum it up with six words. I am what I am becoming. Change doesn’t stop, even if it feels like it. Everything you experience leaves an impact, regardless of whether or not you notice, and if others dictate what they think you SHOULD become then you give them the finger. Politely, of course 😀

    Thank you for liking my post! I’m very new to blogging as well.

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  3. Hi May! I love your blog! and gurl same, I tend to feel very introverted especially in my online classes and talking with people face to face, so I feel you. I really like your poems and your posts and I’m hoping to see your writing grow!

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